Here is How We Have Guaranteed Direct Mail Results Since 2004... And How THREO Effectively Removes the Fear & Risk Associated with Direct Mail…

Pay per qualified call and know your true lead cost every time.

Here's how guaranteed direct mail works. When you normally order a direct mail campaign, you need to discuss a lot of averages (response rates, close ratio’s, etc.) to try and calculate how many calls/loans you’re actually going to get.

“Let's simplify this,” we said. We send out direct mail for the type of lead that you're looking for. One that is in the market and qualifies.

What we do isn't magic. It's simply combining the data brilliance our company has, with well written messaging, our Handwriting Machines and all of a sudden, you have a direct mail program that out responds anything the Direct Mailers have seen.

You tell us how many calls you need and we'll do all the rest! We take care of everything. Really. And we even take the inbound calls through our US based call center to verify the customer is interested so you’re not wasting valuable time.

Our Mortgage Mail Campaigns Include

For your convenience, marketing materials can be designed and sent out within 24 hours instead of the typical 5-10 day turnaround time. We offer free graphic design services that allow you to customize your marketing piece to produce the most successful mortgage direct mail marketing campaign ever.

Customize your mail campaigns and postcards to include your company’s information, the exact offers you are promoting, as well as all information that is tailored and relevant to your target prospects.

Targeted with all types of data, THREO has access to over 1400 data files to target specific demographic you will need to ensure success of your direct mail campaign.

Why We Found Handwritten Mail To Be A HUGE KEY to Guaranteeing

Our Mail


You probably already know that handwritten letters are more likely to be opened. Most campaigns have a 99% open rate as opposed to the 34% open rate of printed letters. It’s the same stamp either way - your choice.


They communicate a warm and personal touch that sets you apart from your competition. The problem is the time it would take to really hand write and address letters to people you want to communicate with. Letters written by our Handwriting Machine aren't like a font on a regular printer. It’s much more personal and closer to the way a person writes with infinitely more options. In short, handwritten cards and letters from THREO will get opened AND read.


Handwritten letters are sticky. People don’t throw out handwritten notes (or we hope so) because they don’t feel like junk mail. It reminds us of a treasured note from a brother or friend. We guarantee our customers are much more likely to read your letter more than once before they throw it out, even when they’re done at that moment with the content of the letter.

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