Lower Your Cost Per New Customer and Gain an Unfair Advantage Using InMarket Leads

Right now there are thousands of people searching for your help.


Can you identify them by name?


Imagine that you had an opportunity to purchase a billboard on the most trafficked road in the country. However, only about 15 of the cars that are passing that sign today are in the market and actually qualify to do business with you.

Most businesses waste valuable time and money marketing to the masses with billboards and other not targeted marketing - hoping to find a few potential new customers.

We know the people who are currently looking for your help and are qualified to pay your premium prices so you can speak directly to them, before your competitors.

Get Introduced To Your Customers As They Search

We provide your business with access to the top 3% of consumers who are ready to for your help today. We give you the ability to speak with them first and more often than your competitors.

Outspend Competition With Less Budget

If you only market to the 3% who are ready qualified and interested in your help today, you spend your full budget speaking only to these customers and building trust. Our partners see a 25% - 75% reduction in customer acquisition cost.

Increase Your Conversion

Rate And Scale Your Business

Speaking only to "In-Market" clients increases your conversion rates and explodes your profits as you spend more time talking to prospects that are qualified and interested.

Imagine if you could pick out the EXACT PEOPLE from that highway that are both qualified and looking to for help… And only market to THOSE people? How much more efficient would that be? Could you outspend your competition marketing only to the needles while they market to the haystack?

Our proprietary software does just that! InMarket Leads use artificial intelligence and a highly-optimized data-driven process to identify who is actively seeking help in your market.

We’re talking about a technology that produces a list of the name, phone, email, address, and other contact info of people that are in market for a care and we can leverage this on almost any marketing channel.

What could you do with a list of the exact people that are qualified and interested in getting help today?

Answer: It allows you to slash your advertising expenses down to next to nothing because you no longer need to market to a wide pool of people who aren’t in market for your help. Previously, our clients marketed with a spray and pray philosophy - hoping that their television ad, direct mail piece, or paid ads would happen to get in front of the their ideal prospects. Until now, they’ve never quite been able to know exactly who or where their ideal prospect is. The problem is that in any given market, only 3% of prospects are typically qualified and are looking for help. That means that the spray and pray method, advertising to all types of general people, includes the 97% of people that aren’t in market needing help. What if you could eliminate that 97% of people from your advertising list and you could just focus on the 3% that are most likely to buy?

With us, now you can.

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