We combine the power of LinkedIn with InMarket Targeting, Personalized Email and Multichannel Marketing to create a flood of new qualified customers.

Don't burn money on ads when you could fill your calendar with qualified and interested opportunities.


We take on all the work, while you take on the deals.


The Problem

If you’re like most businesses you’re likely spending a lot of money for the widest funnel opening on the market and seeing only a tiny trickle of customers buy at the other end of the spout.

Why? Because you have leaks. You’ve probably been told the purpose of the funnel is to let non-buyers go before you spend too much time and money on them. This is true, but it doesn’t mean your funnel is successful when it eliminates a lot of potential customers.

The Solution

The Generosity Multiplied System plugs the three common leaks in modern marketing funnels using InMarket Targeting, Nurturing Nets, and Multi- Channel Personalization.

We have proved that our process transforms the average engagement rate from 32% to 85%.

No more burnt ad spend. Rather than risk losing thousands on digital agencies and burnt ad budgets, partner with us and turn your blocked pipeline into a flood of new customers.

In-Market Targeting

Uncover the 3% of your Market that is actively looking to buy. Right now, there are hundreds of businesses searching for your services. Can you identify them by name? WE CAN!

Most businesses waste valuable time and money marketing to the masses - hoping to find a few potential clients.

We know the businesses who are qualified (can afford), AND ready to buy, AND looking for someone just like you to solve their problems. Now you can speak directly to them before your competitors do.

Multi- Channel Personalization

In-Market Targeting

Historically there's two ways to do cold outreach—manual or automated.

Manual Outreach- The downside it’s very time consuming, however when you customize everything your customers feel appreciated, so it works.

Automated Outreach- The upside is it’s fast and easy, but you end up in the spam folders. Right.

We created a multichannel, hybrid solution between these two extremes, we like to say we do the numbers without making your potential clients feel like a number.

We help you personalize every outreach conversation in two ways: Image Personalization and Line Personalization.

Without getting into extreme detail, we research each and every prospect, create new relationship touches at scale, and craft personalized lines or images that create connection.

Combined, these touches introduce your company as the obvious solution to their problems in a very human, compelling way.

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