Right now there are thousands of people searching for your help. Let us find them and qualify them for you.

Don't burn money on ads when you could pay us per opportunity.


We take on all the risk, while you take on the deals.


The Problem

You pay for marketing, but it’s ineffective and results in low quality leads.

Most marketing companies are only accountable for generating leads and don’t use calling agents to follow up with their prospects

The Solution

We Turn Your Leads Into Revenue

We become your sales team. Our calling agents follow up with leads and sets appointments for you. Once a lead becomes an appointment, we send that appointment directly to your CRM and your calendar.

No more burnt ad spend. Rather than risk losing thousands on digital agencies and burnt ad budgets, partner with us and only pay per result. We don't charge hefty retainers or expect you to risk your capital. When you close a deal we all win.

How It Works (From Your Perspective)

YOUR FUTRE CUSTOMER IS looking for YOUR SErvICE submitS a lead

Using our call center, we nuture the leads until they turn into appointments

Once the appointment is set, youR TEAM shows up and closes the appointment

How It Really Works

Our unique 3 step strategy is comprised of Digital Ads Management, Conversion Optimization & Remarketing, as well as a Multitouch Follow-up System. Each individual service comes together to deliver you qualified and interested appointments.

Digital Ads Management With In Market Data

We use InMarket Data & Targeting to substantially drop your cost per qualified lead. We then use this rocket fuel on ad networks including: Google/YouTube, Microsoft/Bing, Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn to target potential customers when they are searching for what you offer.

Conversion Rate Optimization With Remarketing

We optimize your landing pages and website to guide your customers along the sales funnel to a conversion. We use tried and tested Landing Pages, along with cutting edge Omni Present Remarketing strategies.

Instant & Often Multitouch Follow-up

We use best practices to converting customer inquiries into appointments. We deliver a fully automated 5-Channel Follow Up System that averages a 40-60% response rate. Our follow up system includes a 24/7 call center team that will instantly contact every lead as they come in and continue to follow-up (via all 5 channels) until we make contact (for up to 6 months)!

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